Monday, June 9, 2008

Family Fun on the Boat

After the race Saturday we spent a couple of hours preparing the boat, packing a picnic and gathering supplies for our first boat outing of the season. Sam LOVED riding on the boat. The faster the better. When we stopped to eat our picnic at a pavilion, he spent the entire time asking, "Where's the boat? I want to get on the boat. The boat is fun!" So we hurriedly ate our lunch and loaded everyone back on the boat. Next, the children took turns tubing. What fun! Even Leah and Sam tubed! Jimmy went very slowly for Leah and Sam, and we stopped while they were still having fun so they would want to do it again. The children swam in the lake some while Jimmy, Sam and I hung out on the boat. After one more round of tubing (Leah too!), we headed home. What a fun day!

Boat Hair

Leah having fun

Clay chilling out

Leah waiting for her first tube ride

Clay overboard

Clay ready to tube


Worn Out


  1. So fun!!! Okay...Russ and I were just talking about your boat yesterday. Wondering if you still had it, and wishing we had one!

  2. Your children are so beautiful. I love the "boat hair" pic. We haven't taken our boat out yet but I know the boys can't wait. They love to Bass fish. Looks like your gang is having a great summer!