Sunday, June 15, 2008


I updated the children's ChorePacks tonight. I have my children begin doing chores at around age 4. Before using ChorePacks, I listed each child's chores on a poster or piece of paper and hung it in a central location. The problem with that was that they had to keep coming back to the list to see what was next. Or they would "forget" something on the list. Then I found ChorePacks. Managers of Their Chores is the companion book for ChorePacks. This book is a wonderful resource for both the novice and experienced chore maker! It is full of ideas, tips, advice and encouragement.

I have used ChorePack clip art for my non-readers in the past, but tonight I printed out Leah's chore cards with words at the top and then let her illustrate the chore. She enjoyed doing this.

We do chores twice a day--before breakfast and before supper. We call the afternoon time the "Five O'Clock Tidy". It's what we do before Jimmy comes home--so he won't break his neck trying to get to the kitchen!

Morning chores include tidy room, make bed, get dressed, bring dirty laundry, unload dishwasher, various pet chores (4 dogs, 1 cat), practice piano, and water plants.

Afternoon chores include clean up outside toys, put away laundry, tidy bedroom, take out trash, tidy den, clean off bar in kitchen, tidy playroom, tidy schoolroom--these common areas are each assigned to one child. On Fridays they also clean out and vacuum the van.

I have my own chores during these chore times---Morning: cleaning up the kitchen, starting the washer/dryer, tidying up my bedroom and bathroom. Afternoon: vacuuming our high traffic areas, starting supper, putting away Sam's, Jimmy's and my laundry, helping Clay clean Sam's part of their shared bedroom.


  1. Love the chorepacks. Are those the things you clipped on their pj's when we came to stay that summer?

  2. Yes, they clip on. Each card has instructions on it and they move each card to the back as they complete the chore. No more forgetting!