Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Trip to the Dentist

Yesterday our family went to see the dentist for our check-ups.  We love our dentist!  He's my brother!  Rhett graciously blocks out about two hours to see us (except for Leah and Sam---my brother  likes for his patients to be at least 10 years old!).  I use a local dentist for Leah and Sam, and his name is Sam too!

Anyway, since Rhett's practice is on the outskirts of Memphis, we usually either go on into Memphis and do some shopping (Costco or Target), visit Jimmy's brother and his family (Russ, Megan, and Millie Janalee) or visit my brother's family (Rhett, Amanda, Wesley, Davis, and Johnson).  Today we visited Aunt Amanda and her three precious little boys.  Amanda prepared a delicious lunch of black bean and vegetable enchiladas and a salad for us.  It was so yummy!  Then the younger children played and played both inside and outside on the trampoline while the adults and older children visited.  I had not seen Amanda's new schoolroom, and so I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time in there.  It looks like a Pinterest schoolroom!  So pretty and inviting!

We got home just in time for supper and in time for Julie to have a driving lesson with Jimmy.  Yes. Julie has her permit now, and I have two teenage drivers!

Oh!  We are all in the No Cavity Club!


  1. Welcome to the No Cavity club! It really helps to have a dentist in the family, doesn’t it? That way, your teeth can be well-taken care of. All smiles for your family!

    -Weston Wadlington

  2. For me, having a dentist in the family is great because it’s easier for the kids to give their trust and make dental appointments with them. It’s natural for them to feel relaxed and comfortable because they know that a relative will surely take good care of them. :)

    Magaret Langlois

  3. I agree with Margaret. Dentists are some of the most feared by kids, due to the association of pain of having their first tooth removed or having their first dental surgery in such a young age. It is definitely a big plus that you have a dentist in the family, so that they would be more comfortable on their dental checkups and would confide easier if they find or feel anything different in their teeth.

    Your Caring Dentist