Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Labor of Love

I don't really even have the words to adequately describe this absolutely beautiful quilt that was lovingly made for me my by some of my friends.  

Heather invited some of our friends to her home a couple of weeks before my surgery to have a quilting bee....these ladies and some of their daughters each embroidered or painted on the white squares of the quilt.  My three daughters each made a square too!  (They kept the surprise from me.)

Then Heather--sweet, hard-working, staying up all night to finish something, Heather--sewed this entire quilt together.  Piece by piece.

It is a masterpiece.

When Heather brought it to me while I was still in the hospital, I just laid there and cried while she told me who made each square.  I was medicated......I was so sleepy, but I was still aware enough to know what a great sacrifice of time each of the ladies had made for me.

This quilt has been my only cover that I have used both night and day from the moment Heather unfolded it and placed it on me in the hospital bed.

I will treasure this quilt for the rest of my life.

When I am fully recovered, and am no longer lying in the recliner for long stretches each day, I plan to keep this quilt lovingly folded at the foot of my bed.  To serve as a reminder of the fantastic friends that I have.  I am truly humbled by their love.

Joy.  And still a little teary-eyed.  That's how I feel every time I look down at my cover these days.


  1. I've been dying to ask you about the quilt, but I wasn't sure if you had it yet. Such a precious gift!!!

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  3. What a beautiful gift to treasure from such loving friends who covered it in the promises of God's Word to remind you of His unfailing love for you! What a beautiful, thoughtful gift!

  4. That is so special and such a great idea!!

  5. What a special gift of love. I know you will treasure it.

  6. ok, I am crying as well...women friends are the best, aren't they? Wow.