Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Update (8)

After admitting that I had overdone it on Saturday and Sunday, I really did not learn my lesson.  I thought I did.  I thought I balanced resting and not resting well enough on Monday, but apparently I did not!  By Monday night I was exhausted again, and I spent all day yesterday in the recliner.  All day.

To put into perspective what "overdoing it" looks like for me, here is all that I did.

  • Upon awakening Monday morning, I rested until time to get ready for my doctor's appointment (plastic surgeon).
  • 10:30--I showered and blew dry my hair.  Both washing and blow drying my hair are workouts.
  • 11:30--I drove myself to the PS office.  This was my very first time to drive post-surgery, and I will admit it was hard and very tiring.  
  • 12:30--drove myself home from PS office.  This visit was uneventful.  This was my first appointment with him post-surgery, and he just needed to check on me.  I was cleared to walk slowly and short distances without swinging my arms for exercise.  He also told me to start doing some arm exercises so I can get my range of motion back.  I go back to see him again next week.
  • 1:00--rested in recliner.  My sweet friend who teaches my children piano, came to my house to pick them up for their lessons so that I could rest.  I rested.
  • 3:10--drove Leah and Sam to XC practice (met Olivia, Julie, and Clay there).
  • 3:30--walked one lap around the track.  That's 1/4 of a mile.  That's all I did.  Then I sat in a lawn chair until practice was over.
  • 5:00--drove all the children home and basically rested until bedtime.
That tiny bit of activity combined with what I thought was adequate rest wore me out completely!  I slept poorly for the first time since my surgery.  I had more than discomfort, I had what I would consider pain, so I took tylenol, but still had a restless night.  
I did stay in the recliner all day yesterday hoping that I would feel better.  I felt pretty good as long as I was reclined, but whenever I walked around for a short period of time, I got pretty uncomfortable.  Last night I tried to sleep in the bed, but it just hurt too badly.  I got back in my recliner.  I guess I will be sleeping in the recliner for quite a while.  In fact, in the reading online I have been doing, that seems to be normal--recliner sleeping.  I had another restless, not able to sleep, feeling like I was being stabbed night.  

And this morning it dawned on me, why I couldn't sleep, and why I was so uncomfortable yesterday despite my resting.  I finished my twice a day Valium on Sunday.  I didn't realize how much that helped with the muscle discomfort (stabbings).  In fact, when the nurse in the hospital first gave me the Valium I told her that I did not need that.  My nerves and anxiety level were fine!  (I thought that was what Valium was for.)  She explained that it served as a muscle relaxer, and would aid my recovery.  She was right!  So this morning I took a non-drowsy muscle relaxer (not sure of the name), and I feel so much better.  I am definitely going to continue taking these before bedtime so I can get some rest in my recliner.

I walked 1/3 of a mile today on our driveway.  Very slowly.  And I did not swing my arms. 

Progress.  Slow, but progress.


  1. I'm glad the muscle relaxer helped. Don't get discouraged, just keep on gradually doing a little bit more. I can't imagine your overdoing it : ). I have a feeling that for you a day of rest is like most people's normal day.

    Lots of crazy stuff happening here. I'll email you at some point.


  2. Recliners -I'm glad you have a nice cozy place to rest. Do you have a table next to it filled up with all your books, tylenol, kleenex, tea cups, books to read and drink cups? Seems like no matter how big my end table is I always fill it full to overflowing and quickly :-)

    I am so glad you figured out why you were not getting sleep. Sleep is good.

    You are right, you are making progress, slowly but surely. Way to go!


  3. REST...can't believe I'm typing that same word again and again to are as hard-headed as me ;)
    I agree with Cinnamon; you need to make that recliner area as comfy and inviting as possible...the recliner is your friend!