Thursday, March 29, 2012

Update 9

One of our beautiful azalea bushes

Well, it seems like we went from winter to summer here in Mississippi!  It has been in the 80s for quite some time now.  All of the trees are getting greener by the day, and the dogwoods and azaleas are in full bloom.

Today is Day 22 since my surgery!  I am doing really well.  The fog of fatigue has lifted in the last few days.  I still have to take recliner breaks throughout the day, mostly because I get discomfort and muscle spasms when I stay up on my feet too long.  Also, I have been trying to limit using my arms too much---not lifting heavy things or reaching up too high.  However, I am walking 5 days a week (this is my second week to do this), and I really do think that the slow walking is making me feel better.  I have built up to 30 minutes of walking each day, and I plan to walk 35 minutes tomorrow.  My goal is to walk the Coke 10K on May 5.  I would really like to actually run a little bit of it!  I saw my plastic surgeon today, and he said I could try slow running in 2 weeks!  However I complete it, I do plan to complete the Coke 10K.

Our days are busy with running practice, piano and art lessons, schoolwork, and my doctor's appointments. I am hoping that after meeting with my oncologist next week, my doctor visits should slow down a bit.  I am not the energizer bunny that I usually am, so all of these things take me longer than normal.  And while I am not totally fatigued anymore, I tire more easily than I used to.  I am still being blessed with meals from my dear friends, and while I feel guilty about them cooking for me, it really is such a blessing.  

One of our dogwoods

Our barn

Another pretty dogwood

I haven't been able to help with any of our spring yard work, but Jimmy and the children have gotten our yard to looking so pretty!  I think they plan to finish it all up tomorrow.


  1. I am so glad you are taking it easy and letting others help you out. That is so hard isn't it but it's soo good for you to take it easy and ease back into life as you're able.

    Love your goals. How fun. I'd walk with you if I was nearby!

    love your barn.


  2. Beautiful flowers! I am thankful that you are growing stronger each day!

  3. We are surrounded by color here in South Mississippi as well. I love it!!! Springtime just naturally lifts my spirits. I weeded one of my raised garden beds Friday evening and hope to get back into the others today.
    Sooo soooo glad to hear you're beginning to feel more energized!!! Springtime, sunshine, mild temps, and God's creations blooming are natural elixers, I think!! :)