Monday, March 26, 2012

Clay's 13th Birthday!

Today is Clay's 13th birthday, and I think he has had a good day!  I had to have some help in pulling off this family birthday celebration.....Jimmy did most of the shopping for Clay's gifts, Julie decorated the table (and came up with the idea of what to decorate with!), and Olivia lovingly wrapped all of Clay's gifts.  I did manage to cook his requested breakfast, bacon and Belgian waffles, and I also made his birthday dessert (not a cake!), blueberry cobbler.

 Isn't this a cute centerpiece that Julie made?

 Julie decorated the table with fishing supplies that were gifts from all of the siblings to Clay.

After breakfast, we continued our tradition of the birthday person sitting in the chair while his gifts are brought to him, one by one.  Today, Sam wanted to sit in the chair with Clay.


 One of Clay's gifts, The Backyard Blacksmith

 another gift, a fishing vest/life preserver

Clay spent his morning playing outside on his ripstick and milling around his blacksmith area.  He received two early birthday presents, an anvil and a forge!  He and Jimmy have to do a little bit of work before he can actually use the forge, but they hope to get it going by this weekend. 

Clay requested that we eat lunch at The Olive Garden, so we did!  Then he just spent the afternoon playing some more.  Around our house, your birthday is a special holiday.  No school, no chores--your siblings do your chores for you!  So I think he has enjoyed his day of leisure.

We will not be having a family meal tonight, because Jimmy has taken the girls to the annual Homeschool Father/Daughter Banquet.  I normally help with this event, but since I am still recovering, I am spending this evening here at home with my two boys.  Right now, they are still outside constructing something!

 Clay with Pokey--remember that this puppy weighed only 5 pounds when we took him in.

Jimmy and the girls


  1. Happy birthday Clay! Your girls looked beautiful tonight. I'm praying for you!

  2. Happy Birthday! your children are beautiful! God Bless you and your family!

  3. Hi Roan! I went through my old blog and found your link! You have had some tough stuff to deal with, huh? So glad everything went well, and want you to know that I will be praying for you. What a blessing to have your Mom come and help.

    Hope the birthday celebration is a blast! My how your family has grown! You are a blessed woman! :o)

    We are busy with not one but two spring weddings for our middle two daughters! Crazy, but fun. Wedding 1 is the day before Easter!!

    May God bless you and yours, sweetie!
    Good to be back in touch. You'll be running before you know it!!


  4. What a sweet picture of Daddy and his girls! Thinking of you and praying each day for your recovery! You are such an inspiration, in more ways than one!

  5. Happy Birthday to Clay! Love the decorations. I am so glad you have such wonderful helpers, Julie and Olivia are so grown up. And the picture of your husband and the girls is so sweet. I'm sure he cherishes this time with them.

  6. Happy Birthday, Clay! Roan, some of the most special times with family are the ones where you have to back away for whatever reason and they so naturally step up. It's then that you realize the traditions you've started in their lives have really meant something to them.
    I'm partial to Daddy/daughter photos, but yours is a keeper!!!