Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Leah's Big Day

Here is the birthday girl with her gifts

Fancy Leah with Fancy Nancy

Sam took care of the trash

Leah with gifts her sisters made her--Julie knitted a sweater and crocheted a hat for Leah's baby Sarah, and Olivia crocheted her a hat. Leah wore the purple hat all day!

All of us at The Olive Garden (Jimmy is taking the picture!)

Blowing out her candles!


  1. I love it! Hope to have sweet children like yours!

  2. How sweet is that!!! She looks so happy and I love that her sisters crocheted her gifts!

    ~ Jennifer

  3. What a fabulous day. Happy Birthday Leah

  4. Happy birthday Leah! You are so wonderful to teach your girls to knit and crochet. Neither my mother nor I can do either, but her mom, my 86 year old grandmother knits and crochets like nobody's business. Not long ago I took my girls over for their first (and last) lesson. It did not go well. Now my mom remembers why she never learned. My granny can't teach anyone else to do it! We need a DVD or something.

  5. A very happy birthday to Leah!!
    It looks like she had a wonderful day!!
    God bless ~ Connie