Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An Afternoon in the Woods

I want to share a few pictures of our woods. This where our trails are located that Jimmy and the children have worked so hard in creating. When we first bought this property, you couldn't even walk through the woods because it was so thick. Jimmy has slowly cleared out, and now the children have a wonderful place to play. They have built all kinds of "houses", forts, and bridges. Clay has a couple of spots where he burns our paper trash and the brush and small limbs that Jimmy clears out.

Sam going for a walk

Clay and Sam getting ready to start the fire

Sam with some of Jimmy's "clearing out tools"

I think they are standing on a trail.

enjoying a drink of water after working and playing

Clay and Sam can spend hours out in our woods. What a perfect place for little boys!


  1. I was so afraid you all were out playing in the woods yesterday (like a couple of mine did until I realized it)! It was soooo cold. I assume these are old pictures since Clay is in short sleeves and Sam in shorts! Your woods look like ours! Jeff has been getting Jackson to cut down small trees and he loves it. My kids also spend hours in the woods and have built a large fort next to the creek. Stay warm!

  2. How wonderful to have such beautiful woods on your property! My husband hates that we live in a woodless part of the country!