Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Homeschool Channel

A few months ago, I blogged about a new blog, called The Homeschool Channel TV. I added it to my bloglist, but it stayed at the bottom of the list because.....well I don't know, it just wasn't set up to update when it was updated.....I don't really understand! But, now it is more than a blogsite. I put a link in my left sidebar. Just a small title, "The Homeschool Channel TV". Clicking on those words will take you to a wonderful website full of homeschooling encouragement and information. One feature of the website is called "Article of the Day", and I am one of the regular contributing authors. I will not be posting anything over there that I do not post over here at my blog, but I encourage you to visit The Homeschool Channel TV to read other articles (some of them written by real life friends of mine....Anita and Sherri), and to just spend some time looking around this neat site. Apparently you can watch various videos and instructional programs on the site. I plan to spend some time over there myself checking things out.

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