Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Running Post

I realized that I hadn't posted about running in awhile, and since this blog will serve as my memory as I grow older and forgetful, I thought I better give a little update.

November-mid March is not typically racing season around here. I ran the St. Jude Half Marathon on December 5th (I think), and I have run outside only 3 times since then. This is treadmill season! I am so grateful that we have two treadmills! Jimmy and I can run at the same time in the mornings (although he usually gets an earlier start than I do), and the children can run two at a time in the afternoons. We do have the trails on our property that are great to run on....when it is not too cold or raining. We had a couple of days of pretty weather last week, so one day we actually all went to the city park to run. It was wonderful to run outside!

Currently I am training for a half marathon on February 27th. Jimmy, Olivia, and Julie are also running it. I am really looking forward to running this race with a friend. She actually talks as much or maybe even more than I do, so I know that we will have the best time!

I have been keeping my weekly mileage the same as it has been since the summer--25 miles a week. For two-three weeks after the St. Jude race, I backed off to 18-20 miles, but I have been running 25/week for the last few weeks. I typically run a long run of 10 or more miles on Sunday mornings before our church service. I try to start by 5:30 at the latest. Tomorrow I am running 12. I run the rest of the miles in three days the rest of the week, usually on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Most weeks I run 6, 5, and then 4, or whatever adds up to finish out the 25 miles. I keep saying that I want to lift weights or cross train on those other 3 days each week, but so far, I haven't done that!

Jimmy gave me two running related gifts for Christmas, both of which I love! The first one was new running shoes for the treadmill. We all have shoes that we use only for treadmill running. This keeps the treadmills clean. I keep up with my treadmill miles by writing them on a marker board.....I had 626 miles on my treadmill shoes! Normally, the shoe experts tell you to replace your running shoes after 250-300 miles. I figure that treadmill miles aren't as hard on your shoes as pavement ones are.....but after 600 miles, I was ready for new shoes! The other gift was a long sleeved running shirt. It is a pretty pinky-red color, and it is so soft! It is a little thicker than normal running technical shirts, but not too thick to wear while running indoors. I love that shirt, and I wear it twice a week!

Well, that's the running update!


  1. Thank you for another encouraging post about "real life" running. I live in NE, and our weather is temperamental(lol). I am also a Homeschooling mom of 5 and appreciate your perspective on being healthy but mostly, godly. I loved the post on Matthew. I was exactly there in my Bible study that day. I love when God does that!

  2. Great job, Roan! I am not going to run the half- I am going to work on strength/cond. and plan on doing the 10Ks in the spring. I might come cheer for y'all, though!