Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Winter Wonderland!

Before I show you the pictures our our beautiful snow, I must explain about snow in Mississippi. It rarely snows here. Usually we get a dusting once or twice a year, so when it does snow, it is a BIG DEAL! The days preceding the big event are filled with anticipation, frequent weather checks, trips to the grocery store to "stock up", and general excitement. Our temperatures had been at or below freezing for a few days prior to this snow, so the snow stuck to the ground instead of melting a couple of hours later. In fact, everything is still white, two days later. And, as I am typing this, it is snowing again! It is so beautiful!
The area schools were out Thursday and some were still out yesterday. The icy roads and bridges are dangerous, and since our temperatures are still not rising out of the twenties, there is no sign of thawing today either.
If you live "up north", you will probably laugh at our snow, but here are some pictures of our big event.

Julie in front of our barn--the day after the snow fell

a view of our beautiful woods

looking down the driveway

Clay, Leah, and Sam playing on the fort

our pretty Christmas tree! It is sitting on the back patio.....every time the wind blows it over, the children stand it back up.

another view of the woods


My children all have warm clothes, coats, hats, socks, gloves, scarves, and boots....I have no idea why they felt compelled to play in the snow in their pajamas, bare feet or crocs with no socks, no coat most of the time......but they did!

Leah and Sam scooping up snow to eat. They made snow ice cream, and they kept making a snowball to bring inside to play with----they would put it in a bowl, and sit at the kitchen table playing with it until it melted. I also have frozen snowballs in my freezer!

Sam, properly dressed for snow play!
Notice the single glove!

The Snowman!
I see that the carrot nose fell off!

one more shot of the snowy woods

Leah and her snowball

No Shoes!


  1. I thought that it was just our kids that thought it was too warm to be properly dressed. I too can relate to the eye-rolling (by people who get lots of snow) but we so enjoy the little bits of snow that we do get each year. So far I have pictures of the kids every year in the snow. Sometimes we get up really early or stay up really late, just in case we only have it a couple of hours.

  2. We didn't get any snow this time...we very seldom do in Ellisville. We did get a little dusting before Christmas and my pictures of my kids look exactly like yours, Roan...they even had on SHORTS!! It was the middle of the night as well when it started snowing so of course I woke my 5 year old up so she could see it!! Our two older girls danced around in it like little kids! I enjoy your blog and wish I was half as organized as you :)

  3. So, I'm very jealous of your snow! Here it is below freezing and will be for 72 hours. But without snow! Not fun without the white stuff! Enjoy!

  4. Hi! Peekin' in from Boo Mama. We homeschool 4 kiddos and have enjoyed the snow up here thoroughly too! Your kids are beautiful! God Bless!

  5. the poor snowman looks like he's melting away! my kids always go outside barefoot no matter what the temperature. i can't tell you how many times i holler, "git ur shoes on!" now if i tell you i'm from arkansas i know you're sure we're all just a bunch of hicks.

  6. (Coming over from BooMama.) I love your tiny snowman!!! You have a beautiful family.

  7. We are so jealous! The girls have been wanting it to snow here for years. The picture of Julie and Clay barefoot makes me shiver! Enjoy your wonderful weekend! Soup recipe is posted in my comments section for you- I need your e-mail address!

  8. Your post makes me giggle. We're in NE Ohio, where the snow is plentiful and probably about 6" deep. It's an event when the snow plow makes it down our dead end street. When we arrived home today, the neighbor was out with his snowblower, blowing out the ends of the driveway where the snow plow had come through and sealed them shut with road snow. (Not to be confused with regular snow because it's usually filled with car goo and hunks of ice.) It made us smile!

    Enjoy your snow! You wouldn't be out here in bare feet, that's for sure.

    Just to let you know, it is currently 18 F here. I believe it will be in the single digits tonight. Brrrr!

  9. We got none of the snow here in the Mississippi Delta, but plenty of cold and teasing snow flurries that didn't stick. Looks like your bunch had a great time enjoying it!

  10. Love the cute little snowman and the bare foot prints! :)

  11. It is SO different to experience snow where you actually live, and not just visit it somewhere else! These photos are lovely and I am so glad your family got to enjoy it!