Thursday, January 15, 2009

Night Owl or Morning Lark?

Until 3 years ago I was definitely a "morning lark". I always had 8:00 classes in college. I taught school for 3 years, so I always awakened early to be at work. Even after I had my first four children, I still began each day at 5:00 or 5:30 a.m., after the current baby was sleeping pretty well. In the early mornings I could accomplish many things: Bible reading and study, exercise, showering and dressing for the day, starting laundry, reading email, paying bills, planning for school, and preparing breakfast for the children---all before they even woke up! My bedtime was 10:00 p.m. at the latest, and I couldn't imagine staying up until 11:00 or later.

And then Sam arrived!

From his first day of life the child has woken up within minutes, even seconds of my feet hitting the floor in the morning. (There have been VERY FEW exceptions!) Even though now he only occasionally gets in our bed during the night (and therefore in my bed when I want to get up), he still wakes up within minutes (or seconds) of my getting out of bed. Even when he has slept all night in his own bed! He has some sort of sense that I am awake! Every so often I decide that I want to wake up early and "get some things done" (like I used to) before the children wake up. Well almost every single time Sam joins me! So, by default, in order to have some time to THINK and time to read my Bible, fold clothes, read email, blog, make lists, work on lesson plans, pay bills, balance the checkbook, etc., etc., I have become a night owl. Sam never wakes up within the first several hours of going to bed, in fact most nights he doesn't wake up at all unless he wets the bed, so I am guaranteed uninterrupted time from 10:00 p.m. on. I usually stay up till midnight or later, and I sleep until just about time to wake up the older children for read aloud time (7:00 a.m.)

So what about you? Night Owl or Morning Lark?


  1. Before Mark & I married, I was always a night owl. I didn't even sleep that late in the mornings, but I loved that quiet time at night when everyone else in the world (it seemed) was asleep. The first week we were married, he was heading towards bed by 9:00 or so. I vividly remember thinking, "OH NO!"

    So for the last 10 years, I've been a morning lark, my schedule being very much like the one you described, pre-Sam!

    However...since having MY Sam 18 months ago, I've gradually become less of a morning lark. He was a terrible sleeper from day 1, and being up half the night is not conducive to early, even though he sleeps all night now, I'm in the habit of staying up till about 11:00 and sleeping till 6, 6:30, sometimes even 7:00.

    It helps that Mark is in the habit of making breakfast before he leaves for work, and leaving it out for us. A couple of years ago, I would've felt SOOO guilty about that, but not anymore!

    Fun post!

  2. I am a night owl too. Always have been. I am still up by 7ish on weekdays and about 7:45 to 8 on weekends. Have a great day, Becky

  3. My sleeping habits are seasonal. During the summer, I am usually up around 6:00 with some quiet time for myself. Right now, I can sleep until 7:00 or later because it stays dark so much longer. And even when I wake up, I stay cozy under the covers until I hear the heat kick on! A piece of advice given to my by an older lady at church when I got married was to always go to bed at the same time as my husband...and that's what I've tried to do. It's advice that I'll pass on.

  4. Well...given the fact that we got home at 3 am this morning from our crazy quick trip to Southaven, I would consider myself a night owl! I always have been! My side of the family has the most fun toward the end of the night! In fact, when we stay at the Johnsons, Russ and I will sometimes go by my parents' house after Jim and Jan go to bed.

    Now, Russ is more of a morning lark I would say. Although he likes to sleep in til 9 on his off times, he is always talking and "chipper" in the morning. Me - I don't talk early in the morning until I have my alone time (that would be on the way to school in the car). I know you'll think I'm crazy, but my mom used to LITERALLY drag me by my feet until I got out of bed, sometimes resulting in kicking!! I'm pretty sure this went into my teenage years! I told you I must have been a pleasant teenager! Ha! I'm sure I'll get paid back two-fold!

  5. I'm a night owl. Always have been and I guess I always will be. I've been trying to get to bed by 10:30 lately but here I am at nearly 2:00 AM commenting on your blog.

  6. I would love to say that I'm a morning lark, but I would be lying if I did. I'm not as much a night owl as I used to be. I think I could go to bed at 7 p.m. and I'd still not be ready to get up at 5 or 6. I have done a bit better lately getting in the bed by 11 instead of the used to be routine of 1 and 2. Noelle going to work has helped alot of that!
    Happy Sat. Johnson family!!!

  7. Really, I am more of an 8:00-4:00 kind of person (excepting my afternoon nap from 1-3)

    Ha ha, I wish! I like to be a morning lark, but like you, I often turn into a night owl out of necessity.

  8. I'm a natural night owl. I get my 2nd wind around 9pm! I've tried to be an early riser in the past in order to spend devotion time with Britt, but all of my kids have had that sense that "mom's up" and get up too. I found it so frustrating and it wasn't a great way for me to start the day. So, now, I enjoy my evening hours and don't push myself in the mornings! I do wake up early enough to have a cup of coffee with Britt, but mornings just aren't my thing! LOL