Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lego Organization

Clay and I spent a couple of hours today organizing his Legos. We did this last year, but some of the legos have somehow gotten mixed up and misplaced. I think they even multiplied! I guess a birthday and Christmas contributed to that. I gave him the choice last year of sorting them by color and type or by the set. He chose to put each Lego set in its own box. This year I am making labels for all of the boxes. I will post a picture tomorrow if we get finished. The thing that is taking the most time is sorting through a basket of hundreds of Lego pieces that I have collected over the last year from various locations throughout our house. Whenever I clean up and find Legos, I just toss them in this basket in his closet. I think they mulitiplied too! Clay was very excited today to find missing pieces to several Lego sets as we sorted through that basket. If he can keep Sam from "helping" when he is building with his Legos, hopefully we won't have such a Lego mess next year!

Sam loves Legos too. He plays with the Duplo Legos. I have sorted his Duplos into 4 different boxes: miscellaneous (just 2 of those starter buckets), CARS (Mater, Lightning McQueen, etc.), a firetruck set, and a Percy and Thomas set.

Leah got her own box of Legos for Christmas this year---girl colored legos! They are so cute! They have pink, purple, and lime green bricks along with some traditional colors. I kept hers in the box they came in--it is pink, and it matches her room!

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  1. I gave up about 4 years ago on the Lego organization. Western set, scuba set, firetruck, whatever....they are now in the labeled bins, but not in the correct boxes. If Jackson ever wants to really build other than from his imagination we'll have to buy him a new set or two. Now, I am just happy if they are in the bins with nothing but Legos.

    Then you add in the Erector Sets, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Fischer Technic, Knex, Magnetix....These are organized!!