Monday, January 12, 2009

Leah's Fun Day

The day began with Leah and Sam waiting for everyone to wake up so Leah could open her presents!

We make a big deal over birthdays at our house! After my wedding anniversary, those five days each year are my absolute favorite! Some of the special things we do include allowing the birthday child to choose their favorite breakfast, choose their favorite restaurant for supper, open all of their gifts first thing in the morning, enjoy a "chore free" day (their siblings do their chores for them), and a day off from all schoolwork.

Leah with her gift from Mims and Pops---a new Bitty Baby. She named her Baby Leah.

Leah in her new Cinderella attire

Blowing out her 5 candles.
Leah helped Olivia and Julie make her birthday cake.

Riding in a car at the mall.
I had to run a couple of errands today at the mall. Since it was Leah's birthday, I allowed her and Sam to ride!

Leah chose The Olive Garden for her birthday dinner, because she wanted breadsticks to dip in pasta. (She actually asked to go to Telinnis, but we suggested The Olive Garden instead!) As soon as we were served our breadsticks and salad, Leah took one breadstick to eat, and one to just hold in her hand. She held that breadstick throughout the entire meal. After eating, she asked for a "saving box" (take-out box) to put the breadstick in. She wanted to take it home for later! So we got the saving box for her one very handled breadstick plus a bag full of fresh breadsticks as well. She actually at her breadstick just before bed tonight!

Olivia and Julie at the birthday dinner--at The Olive Garden

Clay and Julie at The Olive Garden

Leah and Jimmy at The Olive Garden

After our dinner, we attended our monthly Keepers and Contenders meeting. Leah made a cute decopage plaque.
I think she had a fun birthday!


  1. Man! You were busy tonight! I can't believe I asked you to proof those papers! I had no idea!

  2. Happy Birthday Leah! Looks like she had a great day! We have something for her in the mail.....hopefully she will get it today!

  3. What a fun night! Happy birthday Leah! She looks so much like Julie did at that age. Hope you have a good day! BTW, I sent you an e-mail about my last post.