Sunday, January 18, 2009

Co op Week 1

Our first co op went very well! We have 13 mothers and 50 children (by my count, I may have forgotten someone!), and I was so pleased by how smoothly the day went. My 5 children are in 4 different groups, so I had children all over the place! They all enjoyed themselves immensely.
This week's theme was an overview of the United States....they labeled maps (I am proud to say that Olivia and Julie both can label a map of all 50 states of our great country in no time at all......I on the other hand can not!), practiced the state abbreviations (postal codes) and state capitols, recited their Bible memory verse for the week, identified all sorts of things on the U.S. maps, played geography games, etc. Leah sang lots of states and capitols songs and made the cutest American flag. She can now find Mississippi on a U.S. map! For this 4 week block I am keeping the little children in a "nursery". Sam actually let me hold another baby! Progress!
Next week's co op will cover the New England states.

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  1. I think I know what you mean about making the projects for no reason... It seems it's just not worth the time and expense. Do you have an example of their spontaneous projects... what they came up with from reading.
    I am interested to see what everyone else says.. I"m not quite there yet. Oldest is 5