Monday, January 5, 2009

Mrs. Barnes

Sam, Clay, Me, Mrs. Barnes, Leah, Olivia, and Julie

Mrs. Beverly Barnes has been my weekly housekeeper for over five years now. She has grown to be part of our family! Leah and Sam both have called her "Barnes", since the time they could talk. Because of extremely sad circumstances, Beverly has been coming to our house only occassionally since the end of October, and is currently taking an extended leave of absence. She will let me know in a couple of months if she will be able to continue helping our family. We miss her terribly, but we also want what is best for her---even if that means she won't be working with us anymore. Beverly is irreplacable!

Last week we had Beverly and her sister over for supper---we wanted to spend some time with her before she left. We enjoyed our meal together, and then we played a super fun, LONG, game of Uno. Leah entertained us with her artwork, which we all participated in coloring.

It was a fun evening. We miss you Mrs. Barnes!

Mrs. Barnes and Sam

Mrs. Barnes, Olivia, and Julie

Leah, Clay, and "Barnes"

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  1. Oh Roan, I'm so sorry about Mrs. Barnes. I will pray for her. I know ya'll will miss her and she will miss you all as well. Maybe things will work out and she can come back.