Friday, May 18, 2018

Romania Day 9

Tuesday May 15

It was so nice to wake up and have Jimmy with us! I am also glad that he is here to take pictures. I will have a lot more pictures since he is here with his camera.

 another picture of the view from Julie's and Big Sam's balcony

When Jimmy felt like he had slept enough, we all ventured out to the city park that has the zoo. Clay and Big Sam had left earlier, and they planned to meet us there. On our way we stopped at the coffee vending machine just outside Julie and Big Sam's apartment. Yay! It was back! We bought a few coffees, and then were on our way for the thirty minute walk to the park.

 watching the coffee come out of the vending machine

 meeting Clay and Big Sam at the entrance to the park

 roosters at the zoo!

 Julie, Big Sam, and Clay

 posing in front of the monkey exhibit--Sam's favorite

 playing on the swings

 and playing on the see-saw

While the rest of us stayed on the playground, Julie and Jimmy ran around the park.

We walked through the zoo, and then we walked back to the apartment. After a quick lunch, Julie, Leah, Sam, and I walked to the grocery store to buy groceries again! Thankfully, the four of us were able to easily carry them back.

Dan and Tami joined us for a Bible study at the apartment at 5:00, and then we all walked to the Center for supper at a Romanian restaurant. We ordered several different Romanian dishes which we all shared. Thankfully, the waiter had three English menus--although the translation on some of the items was humorous!

at the restaurant

getting coffee again on the way to the Center

 We stopped by the pretzel shop on our way home. Hot, chocolate filled pretzels are the best!

 the Romanian restaurant where we ate

 Everyone in our family except Leah and me love this mineral water.

We had this delicious mocha cappuccino before our meal.

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