Thursday, May 10, 2018

Romania Day 3

First, a couple of pictures from Monday and Tuesday......

 This was taken at the Toronto airport. The theme of this airport must be penguins, because there were penguins everywhere.

 Eating Turkish ice cream at the Istanbul airport--We got a cone with all three flavors:  vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio. The young man who served us was very funny! He played all kinds of tricks on the kids as he was scooping and serving their ice cream.

 Little Sam and Big Sam on the train to Craiova

 The girls on the train

Wednesday, May 9
After the travelers finally all woke up (it was 1:45 PM local time before everyone was awake), we enjoyed a hot cooked breakfast prepared by Julie. Or was that lunch? Anyway, after we ate, we all walked to the mall where the grocery store was located. It was about a 30 minute walk, and it really was enjoyable. The name of the grocery store is Auchan. It looked very much like an American grocery store, except I could not read the names of any of the products! In the produce section, anything sold by the pound is measured yourself. You take the label that the scales print out and stick it on your bag. Then the check out lady just scans the produce like all the other products. I used Google translate on my phone to try to figure out what was drinkable yogurt and what was milk! We bought groceries for our supper plus some other staples and snacks. We had carried our grocery bags to the store along with two empty backpacks. We had no trouble carrying all the groceries on the walk back to Julie and Big Sam's apartment. Clay even carried a watermelon in his backpack!

After returning from the grocery store it was almost time for our Wednesday night Bible study. Big Sam's parents, Dan and Tami (who live about a 10 minute walk from Julie and Big Sam) joined us at 5:00 for our study. We sang a couple of hymns, and then Dan led us in a study about the authority of Jesus. We had a profitable discussion and study, and I enjoyed it very much. Then we sang a hymn in Romanian (to the tune of an American hymn), and one more American hymn. We concluded with prayer.

Next, Tami and I helped Julie finish preparing our supper.

 Here are Big Sam, Little Sam, Dan, Clay, and Leah visiting after our supper.

A little while after we ate, Big Sam suggested we go for an evening walk. The night air was pleasant, and so was the walk. We had not gone very far when we passed a coffee vending machine. Julie and Big Sam had already told us how common these vending machines were and how good the coffee was. So Sam bought us some!

 Sam, waiting for the coffee to be ready

We continued our walk for a while more, and then Dan and Tami headed back to their apartment, and we walked back to ours.
The kids and I were not sleepy at all, but I finally turned out the lights at 11:00 PM. I did have a hard time falling asleep. I think it was midnight before I turned off my iPad. (I played solitaire trying to get sleepy).

the view from Julie and Big Sam's balcony

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