Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Romania Day 6

Saturday May 12

Julie cooked us homemade pancakes for breakfast this morning! What a great way to begin our day. I am still sleeping later than I should, and the kids slept until 9:30 this morning. After our yummy breakfast Leah and Sam did schoolwork while Julie and Big Sam studied. Clay kept himself busy cutting fliers for Big Sam.

After lunch we walked back to the town Center for a Bible Study that Julie and Big Sam have on Saturdays at a coffee shop. Dan and Tami met us there, and everyone ordered coffee before we began. (I ordered a Coke in a bottle!) It was so good. Tami added a Romanian word to my order, and when I asked her what she said, she said, "cold". She reminded me that Romanians like their beverages room temperature, and if I did not specify, that is what I would get. They don't serve beverages with ice, either. So, my coke was cold, but not really that cold. Still, it was good!

The coffees were all delicious! Tami and the waitress helped me interpret the menu, and I helped the kids order fancy coffees--some with nutella, chocolate, and whipped cream!

 at the coffee shop

 at the coffee shop

 at the coffee shop

After our Bible study, where we discussed evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, we parted ways. Julie, Clay, Sam, and I stopped by the grocery store on our way back to the apartment. 

 I found this collection of wires interesting.....

 Later in the afternoon Clay and I took Leah and Sam to a nearby park. I was so proud that we made it all the way there and back by ourselves! We are slowly learning our way around here.

Sam spent the majority of his time at the park trying to climb various trees.

This picture is an instant photo that Leah put in her travel journal that she is making. It was taken at the park.

We ate supper at the apartment, and then just hung out and enjoyed each other's company for the rest of the evening.

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