Thursday, May 30, 2013

Seth's Graduation

My nephew, Seth, is just one week younger than Olivia.  Jenny and I enjoyed being pregnant at the same time.  Well, she enjoyed being pregnant!  I just hung on the best I could and tried not to die from throwing up!  Anyway, Seth and Olivia and loved growing up together, and now they have both graduated from high school!

Last Friday, we all attended Seth's graduation ceremony.

We parked beside Seth's truck.....I HAD to take a picture of the kids standing in front of it!  
What a truck!

 Cousins!  Olivia and Seth

Our family with Seth.
(Not sure what kind of face Sam is making)

After the graduation, we all went to Granmomma and Pop's (Megan, Jenny, Jeff, Seth, Anna Kate, and our family) for cake and coffee. 

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