Friday, May 10, 2013

Runners United For Boston

On Monday, April 22, one week after the 2013 Boston Marathon, a couple of runners from the Corinth area organized a fundraiser for One Fund Boston.  It was called Runners United for Boston, and we raised $2000.
I have quite a few pictures I want to share from that special and somewhat emotional night.  Some of these pictures were taken with my or my friends' cell phones, and some were "lifted" from Megan's blog post about the event.  

Area runners who ran the 2013 Boston Marathon were invited and were joined by over 100 runners from the local communities.  The city allowed us one hour to run the Coke 10K route--as much as you could run in one hour.  I think Clay is the only one from our family who actually ran the entire route.  Olivia and Julie ran 5 miles, Lynn, Leah, Sam and I ran/walked about 3 miles, and I am not sure how far Jimmy ran.  It was a very laid back occasion--we took many pictures and talked and visited along the way.

I am not going to try to rearrange these pictures into some kind of chronological order, I am just going to comment on them as they appear.

 Koach and Jimmy
I think this is before we ran.
 Aunt Jenny, Uncle Russ, and sweet Millie Janalee
They were awesome spectators!

 Elle, Will (doesn't he look sharp in his uniform?), Uncle Jeff, Uncle Russ, and Millie Janalee

 Boston Marathon participants--both from this year and runners from years past.

 Avery, Lynn, Aunt Megan, and Millie Janalee
Lynn has on the "bib" that the runners wore.  We have saved ours, and we are wearing them on the back of our shirts in races this season.

 Jimmy presenting me with a finisher's medal (his).  The event organizers (Jody and Janet), made a finish line out of blue and yellow crepe paper for Koach and I to cross---We were part of the 5700 runners who were stopped by the bombings.  Koach and I crossed this finish line together, and we were presented with finishers' medals!
NOTE:  The BAA is mailing finishers' medals to all runners who were unable to cross the finish line, and who were unable to pick up their medal while they were still in Boston.  I should get my medal soon!

 Sweet sisters--Olivia and Julie

 Olivia, Julie, Me, and Leah

 Me and Heather
Heather finished the Boston marathon and with her fast time she requalified for next year!

 Lynn and me

Pop, Clay, Carson, and Parker
 After the run, the Mims family and all of Jimmy's family joined us at Grandmomma and Pop's house for supper.

 Lynn and Jenny

 The event made the front page of The Daily Corinthian the next day!

 Kelly, Olivia, Megan, Millie Janalee, and Leslie (Julie's friend).

 Seth, Jeff, and Anna Kate (Seth's friend)

 Parker and Clay

 Leah and Avery, approaching the finish line

 Julie, Olivia, and Grandmomma

 Jeff and Seth--hanging out before the run.

Me and Koach--not sure if this was before or after the run!

Thank you Jody and Janet for making this some a memorable night.

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