Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Olivia's High School Graduation

On Friday night, May 3, 2013, Olivia officially graduated from our homeschool!  We could not be more proud of her.  She finished all of schoolwork a couple of days before the big night!

Our local homeschool group, CHENM (Christian Home Educators of North Mississippi) hosts a really nice graduation event each year.  The night of recognition and encouragement features the Kindergarten, 8th grade and Senior graduates.  This year's senior class had the biggest representation that I can remember--20 homeschool graduates.  Some of these young men and women we have known for 12 years.  Before the ceremony begins, a slide show of the seniors (featuring photos from baby-present) plays continuously.  Kelly put together the senior slide show this year, and he did a super job!

My parents came to our house before graduation to give Olivia her graduation gift, to visit, and to take lots and lots of pictures!

 all of our children

After the graduation ceremony, the audience is invited to a reception.  Each senior has a table (actually two seniors per table this year) which has a cake (the senior chooses the icing color and cake flavor) and framed pictures of the graduate.  Here are Olivia and I standing beside her senior table.  She shared a table with her friend of 12 years, Anna Beth. 

We were joined at the graduation by many friends and family members.  I was so happy to see each of them!
 Jimmy's parents with Jimmy, me, Olivia, and Julie

 Olivia, opening a graduation gift from one of her aunts.

 Aunt Jenny, Aunt Megan, and Olivia

 Olivia and Uncle Kelly
(Not really our uncle--just an endearing name for a dear friend.  Between the fact that Lynn and I have the same maiden name even though we are not related, and my kids calling Kelly "Uncle Kelly", people mistakenly think that Lynn and I are sisters!

 Kelly, Lynn, Me, and Jimmy
We wanted a picture of the four of us "all cleaned up"--not wearing running clothes!

 Uncle Ryan (my brother), Olivia, and Aunt Mary Margaret

 Sweet Sisters!

 Lynn, Millie Janalee, and Julie
Couldn't leave out a picture of that sweet cousin!

 The Graduate

 Olivia and Coach Heather

 Olivia with my parents

 Julie and Pops

 Olivia and Anna Beth
Their Senior Boards were side by side--just like their cakes!

Each senior creates a Senior Board, which is a display of pictures documenting their lives and their interests.  They also include items to display in front of the senior board.  These boards are on display in the walk-through area between the auditorium and reception area.

 Olivia's Senior Board

Our sweet Olivia, all grown up!

Diploma in hand!


  1. Congratulations Olivia, and momma! What a blessing:)

  2. Congratulations, Olivia! Congratulations to you too, Roan!