Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keepers At Home Night 2013

Earlier this month Leah celebrated another completed year of Keepers At Home.  We ended our year with a lovely ice cream and cake social, and the mothers presented their daughters the pins that they earned this year.

 Julie, Leah, Avery, and Olivia

This was Leah's 4th of Keepers, but I have been a Keepers mom for 11 years!  All of my girls have made special friends and learned many skills as members of our Keepers At Home club.

 A beautiful cake made by one of the Keepers moms.

Sweet Leah!

Leah earned the following pins this year:
Bible Memory:  general (for learning one Bible verse each week)
Bible Memory:  The Beatitudes
First Aid

I learned that there is a pin for duck tape project--she will definitely earn that one next year.

It was a nice night!

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