Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meeting Some Famous Runners

I am slowly getting around to blogging the past three-four weeks' events!

Jimmy and I had a most delightful trip to Boston....until the end of the race.....
When we arrived on Friday, we checked into our hotel and right away walked to the Expo.  There we picked up our race packet which included our race number and our race t-shirt.  I was so happy that this marathon offered women's and men's shirts (they are different!).  A women's shirt fits so much better.  Anyway, after picking up the pertinent items, we made our way with thousands of other people to the huge expo.  We stayed for three or four hours, and we enjoyed every minute of it!  We actually ended up visiting the expo three times while we were in Boston.

There was so much to see and do.  Demonstrations of various products, food and beverage samples, videos of the marathon, shopping, and meeting some famous runners!  I stopped at every booth that featured a famous runner selling his book.  We bought copies and had them autographed, and I also had my picture made with them.  I had so much fun chatting with these runners!

This is Bart Yasso after our early morning run the day before the marathon.  We had a fun time drinking coffee and visiting.  (About 10-12 of us.)

This is Koach, Heather, and I talking with Amby Burfoot at a pasta dinner the night before the marathon.

Me, Amby, and Heather
Amby spoke to us during the dinner.  He was an entertaining speaker!

Here I am asking Bill Rogers to sign a copy of his book for me.

Jimmy and Bill
Bill spoke at our dinner too---another entertaining speaker!

As soon as we entered the expo area, we were approached by some writers from Runner's World magazine.  They interviewed Heather, and used her interview in an online article!  (She is photo 3.) Very exciting!

Here I am posing with Dick Hoyt, of Team Hoyt.  I bought two books from him, which he gladly autographed.  Dick had spoke at a fundraiser at the Regional Rehabilitation Center last year here in Tupelo.  I told him that I had attended the event, and we talked about that a little bit.  He is such a kind man!

Here I am getting Bart Yasso's autograph in his book that I bought.  
The man in the background asked me if I was from Mississippi.  I said, " did you know?"  (Like I don't have a southern accent....most of the vendors I talked with asked me where I was from).
He remembered me from his interview with Heather.  (See picture above--this man was not in the photograph, but he was there.)

One last picture of Bart and me!

Well, those are the celebrities that I hung out with!  Ha!

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