Sunday, November 25, 2012

Two Thanksgivings

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend, celebrating at both my parents' and Jimmy's parents' homes. At both places all of the children and grandchildren were able to come for the food and fellowship, except for Jimmy.  It was his year to work Thanksgiving, but he will be off for Christmas and New Year's Eve and Day!

We enjoyed turkey, dressing, and all of the typical side dishes at both houses.  And of course delicious desserts.

Here are some pictures of my loved ones.

My brother Ryan and his wife Mary Margaret

Clay with my grandmother, Momo

The younger cousins playing Legos at my parents' house.

My brother Rhett, his wife Amanda, and their youngest son, Johnson.

My grandmother, Meme, with Olivia

Leah and Olivia with Millie Janalee

Leah holding Millie Janalee

Sam, Millie Janalee, and Olivia

Clay and Grace

The sisters-in-law
Jenny, Megan, Me

Julie, Millie Janalee, and Olivia

Elle, Will, and Millie Janalee

Olivia and Seth--born exactly one week apart!

 Clay, Russ, and Will, putting up Granmomma's tree.

 Julie, fluffing the branches and decorating

 Sam, helping the other younger cousins trim the tree.

The finished product.
Megan even brought presents to put under the tree!

I enjoyed seeing all of my family!  Now we have just a few short weeks until we all gather again for our Christmas celebrations.  I have a lot to do between now and then to prepare!


  1. What a fun time! Everyone looks wonderful. I peeked at your menu above. Why is it I am always running out of ideas. I'm hoping one of my girls will LOVE making menus so I can hand that off :-)

    Good to catch up with you.