Friday, November 23, 2012

My Black Friday Experience

I have never shopped on Black Friday.  Normally I am either still at my parents' house visiting or on my way home to cook and then celebrate Thanksgiving with Jimmy's parents and siblings.  Plus, I like to shop ahead of time (except that this year I have not done so well). Also, my inbox is flooded with online Black Friday offers, so unless I am in the market for a big screen TV or a sofa, it seems like most of the deals can be found online as well as in the actual store.

But last night I got a taste of the Black Friday craziness!  Leah asked me to take her to Walmart so that she could buy some duck tape.  She is busy making Christmas presents for her family and friends, and she had run out.  It was about 6:45 PM.  I even had my mother call Walmart to see if they were open.  Ha!  Of course they were open!  I had no idea how busy they would be on Thanksgiving night.  I thought it wasn't Black Friday yet!

My first clue was the completely full parking lot.  Full.  We did find a parking place, but there were no buggies.  None.  As we entered the store we were greeted by lines and lines of people with almost empty buggies, just standing there, waiting.  And it was just not one line.  There were several lines criss-crossing and snaking all over that store.  From side to side.  Front to back.  Some lines led to the electronics department.  Some lines led to the toys.  Most of the lines led to I don't now where.  But the lines were there.  As Leah and I worked our way through these lines to actually shop, I overheard different people comment on how long they had been in line.  Wow!  And some of the people were already fussing!

After we gathered our duck tape plus a few more items, we worked our way to the check-out counter (and this was difficult with all of those people in all of those line with their buggies) which had no waiting.  Now that's a first for Walmart!  The shoppers were all in line to snatch up the deals, so we sailed through check-out.  I asked my checker what were of those people were waiting for.  She said, "TVs, video games, toys, and who knows what else!"  Then I asked her what time the madness would begin.  She told me that one sale began at 8:00 PM, and the next one at 10:00 PM.  I am so glad that we were home by 7:30 before the sales rush began!

Megan and Lynn have both participated in Black Friday in years past, and it seems like they have had success and lots of fun!  I have even considered meeting one of them to participate. But if I remember correctly, in past years the sales began at midnight or at 4 or 5 in the morning.  So they had the excitement of staying up all night or getting up really early......this year it seems like all of the big sales began at 8:00 PM or maybe even earlier.  That doesn't seem like as much fun!

Anyway, I just made one online Black Friday purchase yesterday, sitting on my parents' couch, using my laptop.  It wasn't that exciting except for the good deal that I got.  My Black Friday fun for today is to meet Lynn for our long run of 18 miles.  Then on to Kroger to buy groceries for the week.  And then home to cook for the Johnson Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

And that's my Black Friday.

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  1. Black Friday isn't for me at all...I went once many, many years ago with a SIL. I hated every minute of it. I've done most of my shopping online for a long time...I even remember the days of calling in orders :)