Monday, November 26, 2012

Menu and Miles

I did it!  Last week for the first time in a few weeks I completed all of my weekly miles for my marathon training.  40!

This is my marathon training so far:
Week 1:  26 miles--complete
Week 2:  30 miles--complete
Week 3:  33 miles--none
Week 4:  35 miles--walked a few
Week 5:  37 miles--walked a few
Week 6:  39 miles--ran 32...almost there
Week 7:  40 miles--complete!

This week, Week 8, features 44 miles with a long run of 18.  Well, since Lynn and I are running the St. Jude Half Marathon on Saturday, I am just going to get the miles in like this:  10, 7,7,7, and then the 13 to get to a total of 44.

My Menu
Sunday:  homemade potato soup
Monday:  pasta salad
Tuesday:  mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, black-eyed peas, sauteed zuchinni, green peas
Wednesday: sweet and sour vegetables served over brown rice
Thursday: bean and brown rice salad

You can visit for more menu ideas.

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