Friday, November 9, 2012

The Week in Review

Every day I say that I'm going to blog, and every day flies by without a chance for me to do it!

This was the last week of cross country practice, and after this weekend's big meet, things will slow down a little bit.  The St. Jude Marathon/Half Marathon is in 3 weeks!  Jimmy is signed up for the full marathon, and Olivia, Julie, Clay, and I are signed up for the half marathon.  Jimmy and Julie are both injured.  Julie is definitely not running.....she is resting from running for a few more weeks while she heals, and Jimmy has not decided yet. He has a knee injury that developed after the St. George Marathon last month.  And of course I am not up to par, but I do hope to be able to complete the half marathon.

I began running yesterday (just one day earlier than my doctor instructed!).  I began with 30 minutes of walking 1/4 mile and slowly running 1/2 mile.  Today I did a similar workout of walking 1/4 mile and running 1/2 mile, but a couple of times I ran farther than 1/2 mile before walking, and I ran faster than yesterday.  I was able to complete 3.87 miles in 45 minutes.  It's a nice start.

I tried two new recipes (both soup in the crock pot) this week, and they were both very good.  I will try to post the recipes this weekend.

We started three new read alouds this week, and I am really liking Eagle of the Ninth.  We have read only four chapters, but I think it may end up on my favorites list.  I can tell that the main character is going to grow and mature while facing life's disappointments and challenges.

I was able to deep clean Sam's room this week.  I had not done this in months.  The children helped me clean the upstairs and the basement, and I was so happy!  I am really trying not to overdo it.  I let the children do the vacuuming.

I am feeling really good this week.  The week before was yukky, so I am so glad to be feeling nearly normal!  Being able to run and walk make me feel so much better.

Well, that's the week.

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