Sunday, November 4, 2012

Menu and Miles

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I am trying to recreate some sense of order around my home, so I am going to begin with my week's plan of menus and miles.


peanut butter toast
fruit/spinach/protein smoothies (They taste way better than they sound!)
pumpkin muffins
oatmeal or cereal

pasta salad
soup and salad

Friday:  veggie burgers (I bought the patties from Costco.)
Saturday:  white chili
Sunday:  15 bean soup
Monday:  mashed potatoes, lentil loaf, peas
Tuesday:  taco soup
Wednesday:  burritos and Mexican rice
Thursday:  black bean cakes, quinoa salad

I still have several more days until I am cleared to run.  The official date is November 9 (three weeks post surgery).  I may or may not run one day early.  I have a busy day planned for Friday, and I am not sure that that will be the best day for my latest running debut.  Prior to Thursday or Friday, I will walk.

I walked only 7.68 miles last week!  In three separate sessions (2, 2, and 3.68--which took me one hour!).  My goal for this week is to walk 30 minutes to one hour each day, Monday-Thursday.  This week's actual marathon training plan (for my January Disney Marathon) is 37 total miles with a medium run of 8 and a long run of 17.  Ha!  My modified, realistic goal of total miles this week is 10.

Even though I am only walking, and walking very slowly, the exercise makes me feel so much better.  I have never regretted a workout.  Never.  I only regret the days that I don't make myself get outside or on the treadmill and do it.

So that's my goal.  10 miles.  I hope I can post next Saturday or Sunday and say that I met my goal.

You set a goal too!


  1. Your menu looks like mine :-) I am enjoying all the soups and the crockpot meals in this cooler weather.

    Glad you are up and around and feeling better. Little by little and you'll get there.


  2. I’m stopping by for a visit from Organizing Junkie, Menu Plan Monday today!
    I love walking especially this time of year. And I totally agree that it makes me feel better.
    This time of year can definitely add up. I’m working on my shopping lists for this week, looking for sales. We’re not having turkey this Thanksgiving. The choices are pizza or homemade lasagna. We’re turkey’ed out!
    Everything looks so delicious.
    I hope you have a wonderful week.