Monday, July 2, 2012

What I've Been Doing (Instead of Blogging)

  • We went to Rustic Youth Camp for a week.  I spent days preparing my Bible lessons and crafts and packing.  AND IT WAS HOT!  The high most days was over 100, and the last day it was 105 or 106.  But, it was a wonderful week, and I will blog all about it very soon.
  • I got a new dishwasher.  I love it!  It was part of my anniversary gift.  Jimmy spent hours installing it and tonight I am using it for the very first time.  It is very quiet.  It is running right now, and I can barely hear it!  
  • I ran 7 miles this morning with Jimmy's cousin, Leanna.  I haven't run in 9 days, and this morning I decided to run 7.  Crazy!  But I was so ready to run with someone, and today was the day that Leanna could meet to run.  We ran in a new area, and thankfully had only one major dog scare.  We now know to turn around before that dog's house.
  • While we were at camp, 2 stray dogs appeared at my house and STAYED.  They were here for several days, and they were causing trouble!  They were overly friendly and jumped on us whenever we went outside.  Yesterday my neighbor recalled someone saying on Facebook that their dogs were missing.  She checked the picture and YES, they were the very dogs that had set up residency here at our house.  My neighbors graciously loaded the two (big) dogs up in their car and returned them to their owners.  Hooray!
  • I bought some really cute and colorful fabric for the girls and I to sew for a service project...I plan to blog about that soon too.  We hope to begin sewing tomorrow.
  • Next week is our Vacation Bible School.  Our theme is Proverbs, and I need to get to work on planning my lessons.  I also need to do a little bit of work in my classroom.  I teach the K-2 graders (on Sunday mornings as well as for VBS--Lynn teaches them on Wednesday night).
  • Julie has her 15th birthday coming up.  I have some planning to do for that too!
  • I am itching to do some cleaning out and organizing!


  1. You have been busy!! So glad you are doing well!

  2. I'm glad your family had a fun week at camp. I went with Sarah to Centri Kid church camp. It was NOT rustic but it was HOT! But worth it for the learning about the Lord and making fun summer memories. I hope your church has a terrific VBS week teaching the children about Jesus!