Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cleaning and Organizing

I am not sure how much more cleaning out and organizing I can do!  I am nowhere near the end of my summer list, but I am running out of steam.  So far, this is what I have accomplished since we returned from the beach (July 21).

  • Completely cleaned out and reorganized my schoolroom.  I also rearranged some of the furniture.  I cleaned out drawers and closets that I have not touched since we moved in over seven years ago.  This job took me over 30 hours!
  • Cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer.
  • Cleaned out a cabinet area underneath my kitchen bookshelves.  These cabinets held my overflow of cookbooks, office supplies, some Christmas dishes, pet supplies, and lots and lots of Sam's and Clay's miscellaneous stuff.
  • Cleaned out the computer desk in the kitchen.  I moved all of my office supplies and files to this desk.
  • Created a charging center on the counter of the first cabinet I mentioned.  This is a catch-all area for keys, change, phones, etc.
  • Cleaned out my six filing drawers in the basement.  I had a pile of papers at least a foot tall that needed filing, so while I was at it, I looked through and cleaned out every single file folder!
  • I have already mentioned the following completed jobs, but I like to look at the entire list:
  • Cleaned out Leah's room, including all of her drawers, shelves, and closet.
  • Helped the girls clean out their bathroom.  I also gave it a good scrubbing while I was in there.
  • Cleaned out, rearranged and purged my children's bookshelves/desks upstairs.  This unit covers an entire wall, and is divided into four sections.  Sam was not born when we built this house, and this is one of a couple of things that I planned and had built for four children!  Olivia is going to do her schoolwork at her black desk, so I had to clear a shelf for her schoolbooks.
If I am motivated to work some more tomorrow, I plan to unload the full clothes basket of stuff that I collected in my kitchen that belongs in the basement.  I would also like to clean out a couple of my kitchen cabinets.  Most of my kitchen is in pretty good order, but I do have some work in there. I feel like I am doing a lot of shuffling things around.  The final resting place for many items is my storage room in my basement.  This also serves as my crafting/sewing/gift wrapping area, so when I am all through with the rest of my house I will have to do a final clean up of this room so I can use it.

Our back to school date is August 20.  If I can keep up my momentum, I think I can finish all of my summer list plus plan and organize my school material before that day.

How is your summer list going?
Are you doing major cleaning out/reorganizing at your house?
Are you ready for the new school year?


  1. Wow Roan!! That is an amazing list!! With a new little one at home I haven't had as productive a summer as I'm used to. We also start the 20th and I think I'll be ready. Just have some more cleaning and organizing to do. Good thing I purged and nested so much when I was pregnant!!

  2. Doing much of the same around here! Going through hand me down clothes, cleaning out specific areas and I still need to tackle the back room in the basement. This is the catch-all for things. I hope to do that today since it is supposed to be in the 90's again. Little Miss Violet is cutting her top two teeth, so it's been a little hard to get some things done. She just wants her mama! Have a great day....don't overdo it;-)