Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Julie!

Today is Julie's 15th birthday.  She was born just after midnight, and so last night at midnight all the girls in her bunkhouse at camp sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

Jimmy is going to pick up both girls from camp this afternoon.  We are in the middle of our VBS week, and it is going wonderfully!  Our theme is Proverbs, and the children seem to be learning a lot of God's Word.

While Jimmy is gone to get the girls, I plan to put the finishing touches on Julie's family birthday celebration.  I finished the gift I was making for her this morning!  I still need to buy a couple of more things, make a cake, wrap her gifts, and decorate the table.  I plan to have it all done by 5:00 when they arrive home.

We are all so excited!


  1. Happy birthday Julie! That is sweet that her friends sang to her in the middle of the night. Enjoy celebrating together when she arrives home from camp!

  2. What a great birthday for her! I love that you made her a gift-can't wait to find out about it!