Monday, July 9, 2012

Planning My Week

Running:  This week I am repeating Week 7 of the the marathon mileage build-up training plan.  I did not get all of my miles in last week, so I am just going to try again!
Total miles:  20
Runs:  7,3,3,3,4
I met Leanna this morning at 5:30 AM for 7 miles.  We had a great run....except for dog trauma!  We are both scared of dogs, and there were a couple that barked at us!  We plan to meet somewhere else next week.

In The Kitchen:
Today I plan to can salsa (for the first time) out of Julie's harvest of tomatoes.  I also plan to make bread.

Outside the Home:
We have Vacation Bible School beginning tomorrow, and continuing through Friday.
My older girls are at GEMS (Girls Entering Meaningful Service) camp for the week.  We are picking them up a day early, Thursday, because that day is Julie's birthday!

Around the House:
My list for this week includes--

  • clean off my laptop computer area in the kitchen
  • clean out and around our family computer desk in our kitchen
  • clean out my kitchen files, papers, etc.
  • clean out the kitchen cabinets underneath our telephone/keys/cell phone charging area (this area is full of all kinds of papers and junk)
  • consolidate all of my kitchen office stuff into one neatly organized spot--the family computer desk.
  • sew a surprise birthday gift for Julie
  • I would like to begin cleaning out and reorganizing my schoolroom, but I think realistically, that my to do list is already long enough!
What do you have planned for your week?


  1. I want you to clean your schoolroom....I want to see pics ;-) good luck tackling your list!

  2. Hi Roan, wrapping up the cleaning out around here too. Have all my books, because the brain work/selection process comes easier closer to the end of the previous year. Now I'm just ready to finish the summer. And read the lesson plans... I'm sure I'll come back around to motivated! Ha! HOpe you have an amazing 12th grade year, as well the other kiddos too. ! :)