Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Excited About the Upcoming School Year

Wait!  This current school year is not even finished yet!

As most of you realize, I write monthly for The Homeschool Classroom.  Sometimes I write about whatever is on my mind, and sometimes I write about a specific topic that I chose from a list provided by The Homeschool Classroom.  Today's post is one of those topics.

So while we are still reading this year's Sonlight books to finish up our current cores, I am excited about next year's school!  I have ordered all of my curricula for next year, and it is stacked on my school room counter.  I have not cleaned out my children's work buckets.  I also have not, cleaned out and purged my schoolroom.  

Still I am looking forward to August.  But, since Olivia will be in the 12th grade, I am also wanting this year to move very slowly.  It is hard to believe that my official journey of homeschooling a child will be complete in one year.   Thankfully, I have many more years of homeschooling left--since Sam will beginning 1st grade.

Please visit The Homeschool Classroom to read all about my excitement!

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