Monday, July 30, 2012

Running This Week

I ran the Nightcrawler 5K with Sam Friday night, and it was hot!  We walked a good bit, and we finished in 47 minutes, 41 seconds!  I think Sam will be taking a break from 5Ks for a while.

This morning I began my running week with a 6 mile run with Leanna.  It was great to be outside running with a friend.  I have a goal of 20 miles this week.  I plan to do two 6 mile runs and two 4 mile runs.

I have been doing MAJOR cleaning out and reorganizing in my house.  I began with Leah's room, and we also cleaned out the girls' bathroom and the set of bookcases/desks that are upstairs.  Next I moved to my schoolroom.  I have worked in there for 3 days, and I hope to finish today.  I have been taking pictures all along, and when I am completely done, I will share the before and after photos.

Also on today's list is to bake bread and clean out my kitchen office area. My goal for this week is to do as much as possible on my summer list.  I hope I have a good report to give by Saturday night!

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