Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Which Vitamix?

I am going to purchase a Vitamix mixer, and I can't decide which one to get.  We are wearing out our trusty Kitchen Aid mixer and the Magic Bullet with all of the smoothies we are making each day.  I have a NutriMill to grind my grains in, so I will be using the Vitamix only for fruits and vegetables.

Which model do you recommend?
Which accessories, if any, do I need?
Which of the the cookbooks do you like or use?

Thank you so much for your input!

Here are a couple of pictures of my hard-working boys!


  1. Hi Roan! I've had my vitamix for about 18 years and the motor just recently went out...even back then we paid around 400-500 dollars for it. Ours is/was a commercial model with a stainless steel base and the canister is also stainless steel. Lori just recently bought a new Vitamix and is thrilled with all of the smoothies she has been making. You might give her a call if she doesn't respond.

  2. I need to look up both Vitamix and NutriMill...you keep me busy, Roan ;)

  3. The vitamin that I use is wonderful. Simply perfect for all my cooking from scratch endeavors! I'll let you borrow it some time. :)


  4. Oops! *vitamix! I guess my misspelling of the contraption is the dead giveaway that I had never heard of it!

  5. We love our Vita-mix. Ours came with a cookbook, which I have enjoyed over the years, with recipes such as: making whipping cream, split pea soup (yes! in the Vita-mix) & frozen yogurt.

    Mine also came with the cookie paddles, which I recommend getting if it doesn't come with it.

    We also grind up coffee in ours. I have a Vita-mix for dry goods (beans and such) and a one for liquids - smoothies :-)

    You'll love it!