Monday, May 14, 2012

Gumtree 10K

All of us but Julie (who is still recovering from her heat stroke) ran in the Gumtree races last Saturday.  Leah and Sam ran the 2K, and the rest of us ran the 10K.  The weather was much cooler than the previous week's race, and all of us had a good race.  Jimmy ran with Clay, Olivia ran alone (her preference--although you are not really alone when running a race with 800+ other people), and I ran with Lynn.  Lynn did not mind that I am much slower than I used to be!  This was the longest that I have run since my surgery---and also since the St. Jude Marathon back in December.  I walked much less than I have been while running, and I finished in 1 hour, 7 minutes.  I was pleasantly surprised with my time as well as how I held up during the 6 mile run.

We have no pictures, and no one won an award, but it was a fun family day, and that is what matters.  We hung out until all of the awards were given out, and spent that time visiting with my parents and many other familiar faces.  Our family and Lynn's family both won T-shirts for having the most race participants from one family.  Both of us had 6 runners participate that day.  Julie also won a door prize from the local running shoe store (Trails and Treads)--a pair of minimalist Merrill running shoes.  So it really was a good day.

After helping to clean up the finish line area with other Tupelo Running Club members, we joined Lynn and her family for lunch at Subway.  Our afternoon was spent resting and cooking, and then we went to Lynn and Kelly's house for our monthly family Bible study and potluck supper.

It was a fun, full day!

I begin tomorrow with a marathon mileage build-up plan.  It slowly builds you up to 35 miles a week over an 18 week period.  The first week is 14 miles total.  I will run 4 days this week--4,3,4,3.  I am so happy that I was able to run 6 miles.  Two months ago I doubted if I would completely recover, but I feel like I have!  I am much slower than I used to be, but I am hoping my speed will return over time.  But, being slow really doesn't bother me.  I am just thankful to be healthy enough to run!

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