Thursday, May 10, 2012

Olivia's 17th Birthday

Olivia's 17th birthday was April 19th.  It seems just like yesterday that I was young and pregnant for the first time and not really feeling well.  I called my doctor after a couple of days of lower back pain and a general feeling of ickiness.  The nurse told me to come right in.  The doctor examined me, put me on a monitor, told me I was in labor, and admitted me to the hospital!  I was only 35 weeks.  After unsuccessfully trying to halt my labor, Olivia was born the next night weighing 6 lbs., 6 ozs.  She was absolutely beautiful!

And now she is 17.

We were flying home from Boston on her birthday this year, so we had our family celebration on the next day.  I served Olivia her requested menu for the day and baked her a lemon cake.  Here are all of the pictures I took of her special day.

 the table

 more of the table

 Daddy and Olivia

 Daddy, Sam, and Clay

 the gifts

 the gift opening
Olivia is such an animated gift opener!  She exclaims with genuine pleasure and gratefulness over each and every gift!

 Clay crafted Olivia a crochet hook on a multi-tool.  She will never be without scissors while crocheting again!

 the special folder made by Leah

 fun jewelry that Julie selected

 opening sock yarn

 so happy about the sock yarn

 the cake

 wholeheartedly singing "Happy Birthday!"

blowing out the candles

It was a good day!


  1. Olivia is beautiful. She just beams :-) 17 already! Oh my, time does fly as you well know. The older I get the more I tend to want to seize every moment.

    Enjoy her~ Cinnamon

  2. You always make your kids birthdays special! I'm glad Olivia had a happy day.