Thursday, May 31, 2012

Homeschool Home Economics, Part 2.

Last month I began a series of posts for The Homeschool Classroom about teaching Home Economics in my homeschool.  Today, I have another post featuring menu planning and grocery shopping.  I explain in detail how I teach my girls to create a weekly menu and grocery list.  While this is part of our high school curriculum, the steps I teach them could be beneficial to a homemaker of any age.  Please click here to read today's post.

Also, if you missed the first post in this series, Creating a Household Budget, you can click here to read that post.

my current Home Ec students


  1. I really enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing.

    It really is simple isn't it. To prepare our girls for days to come. It is my goal to prepare my girls to be able to cook, clean, live happily with they have and thrive where ever God puts them. Way ahead of where I was when I left home at 17.

    Good job Mama~


  2. Thanks for sharing what you are teaching your two beautiful home ec students. I am looking forward to using some of your ideas with my three girls as they grow older to help prepare them for being homemakers. Thanks!