Saturday, November 5, 2011

National Homeschool Cross Country Championships

Two weeks ago, we traveled about 400 miles (I think it was that far....about 7 hours) to Springfield, Missouri for the National Homeschool Cross Country Championships.  This was the first time for the Spartans to participate in this event.  We all met at 9:00 AM to begin the 16 vehicle caravan.  Jimmy had worked all night, and he still drove the entire way!  I just talked a lot to keep him awake!

In the parking lot waiting to leave
 We stopped twice on the way.  Once for a restroom break and once for lunch.  We ate at a pizza buffet place.  The food was good, and the restaurant was large enough to comfortably hold all 70 (or so) of us.

Standing in line for lunch

It was cold waiting outside for lunch!

Clay, enjoying his lunch

Julie eating lunch with friends

Olivia and friends at lunch
We went straight to the cross country course when we arrived in Springfield.  We all got to stretch our legs, and the runners walked and jogged the course.

Julie and Olivia

Checking out the course

The race was held at Lake Springfield Park

There they go!  Isn't this a pretty course.  That four wheeler is carrying the camera crew.

Jimmy and Sam, playing around after the run-through.
 After the runners were done, we all went to the local mall for supper at the food court.  The kids enjoyed this time together with their friends so much!

A girls' table at the mall
 Our final stop for the night was the hotel.  Finally!  We were all so tired, and the runners had to get up bright and early the next morning for the big race!  There was a little bit of confusion over our room reservations, so everyone hung out in the lobby while the grown-ups were working things out.  Everyone ended up with somewhere to sleep!

Green shirts everywhere!
 The morning of the race was beautiful!  We all ate breakfast at the hotel, and then traveled back to Lake Springfield Park.  The runners were all nervous, and I think the parents were too!  There were some fast runners at this race!



 Olivia and Julie ran in the Varsity Girls race, which was a 5K.  The team finished 3rd.  Clay ran in the Jr. High Boys race, which was a 1.6 mile race.  He finished 3rd overall, and their team finished 2nd.  This was a competitive event!

The American Family Association filmed the cross country races as well as the other events that were held that weekend.  I think the other sports were volleyball and maybe basketball.  They were all homeschool national championship games.

The camera crew....Mr. Don, holding the microphone, is the husband of one of our coaches--Coach Sheri.

After the races, the Spartans all traveled home, but this time not in a caravan.  Our family went to the Bass Pro Shop, had lunch in Springfield, and then drove all the way home.  We enjoyed listening to the Lamplighter dramatic audios (books on cd) as we drove all those miles back home.


  1. Way to go Clay! Sounds like fun. My kids love Lamplighter theater, too. Your team did great!

    Glad you all had a great time and safe travels.


  2. Way to go, Johnsons, and the rest of our Spartans!