Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Hint #5

My holiday hint for today is featured at The Homeschool Classroom.  It has to do with counting the days to Christmas, beginning December 1.  You can click here to read this post.

My Christmas cards arrived yesterday!  Hooray!  Today, I plan to buy the pretty Christmas stamps when I go to the post office to mail a couple of packages.  I hope my little post office has the stamps!  Last time I checked, they had not gotten them in yet.  I do know that you can order stamps online, so if the post office does not have them when I am there today, I will be ordering them online.

Also today I am planning to take down my fall decorations.  Gasp!  Yes, as Kelly would say, "I am robbing the Pilgrims"!  It's really ok to me!  I have had the fall decor up since around Labor Day, and we are ready to look at some red and green!  Over the last few days I have replaced our wallflowers with various evergreen and holiday scents, so the house already smells like Christmas!  We celebrate Thanksgiving at both my parents' house and Jimmy's parents' house, so it's not like we will be eating turkey and dressing while looking at the Christmas tree!

Last year Clay made me some really pretty grapevine wreaths, using the vines from our woods.  I am planning to replace my regular greenery wreaths with his handmade wreaths across the front of our house this year.  I bought some balls and ribbon to put on them.  I am not craftsy, so I hope I can make them look right!

Don't forget to visit The Homeschool Classroom to read my hint for today.


  1. I also buy the Christmas stamps every year. I also address my cards with red or green Sharpie. :) I don't know if we will get out the decorations any earlier than Thanksgiving, we will be taking the week off of school, so the kids may insist.

  2. I did read your post about the Christmas countdown, which is what brought me to your blog. :) Nice to meet you!