Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Thanksgiving

Last Tuesday, the children and I traveled three hours south to my parents' house.  We spent Wednesday doing some schoolwork and then cooking, cooking, cooking!  Thursday we were joined by Jimmy, both of my grandmothers, and both of my brothers and their families.  It was a day of food and fun.  The weather was perfect for the children to play outside, and some of us even enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner outside on my parents nice porch.

 The boy cousins playing football.

 My grandmother, Momo, and my brother, Ryan.  Just after this picture was taken, Momo through the football a couple of times!  She is 88.

The entire family

 Leah, playing on the bridge over the fish pond.  No one fell in the pond this year!

 Sam, Bounds, and Wesley---all five years old!

 Sam and Wesley

 My youngest brother, Rhett

 The boys playing some more

 Davis, coming through the doggy door.  This is the preferred way to go in and out of  my parents' house by all of the young children.

 Olivia, holding our newest cousin, Johnson

 My daddy with his beloved dog, Holly

All of the grandchildren

Pops and Johnson

Late Thanksgiving day afternoon, everyone packed up and left my parents' house.  Some of us went back to our own homes, and one my brothers and his family went to enjoy another Thanksgiving meal that very same day!

My family traveled north Friday morning to celebrate Thanksgiving with Jimmy's family.  We were joined by Jimmy's brother and sister and their families.  We had another delicious meal followed by football watching and game playing.  It was a nice, relaxing and fun visit.

 Pop and Jimmy's brother, Russ

 Me, Julie, Jenny and Megan playing Rummikub.  We played two or three rounds, and had lots of fun!

The intense game!
Russ came in to watch the fun.

Our Thanksgiving week and weekend was really a lot of fun.  It is nice to visit with extended family and catch up.

Jimmy is off work today too, so we won't get back to work until tomorrow.  I plan to have school for 6 more days over the next 2 weeks, and then we will take off 3 weeks for Christmas break.

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  1. What a nice family you have! Looks like a fun time. :)