Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm Still Here!

We have been without internet for several days now, so that's why I have not been blogging!  I can still access the internet via my iPhone, but I can hardly read the screen (I need to keep my reading glasses handy), and there is no way I would blog on that tiny keyboard (if you can indeed blog on a mobile device).  Anyway, I have been busy, busy, busy the last week!

You can tell by looking at this picture of my sweet children, that we have put up our Christmas tree!  And yes, it is a LIVE tree!  Olivia and I bought it last Saturday, Julie and Clay prepared the house for the tree (moved furniture around and brought down all of the ornaments), and Julie and Clay hauled the 10 foot tree inside the house....around to the back of the house, over the fence, and through the double doors.  Sadly, Jimmy was on call, so he did not get to help!  Hanging on the window is one of the grapevine wreaths that Clay made for me using the vines from our woods.  I have six of these beautiful wreaths hanging on my doors and windows.  We did the rest of the Christmas decorating before we even put up the tree....last Tuesday, in fact!

That is not our Christmas card picture, I just took a quick picture of the children last Sunday morning before we left for our church service.

I finished my 44 miles of marathon training last week, and now I am in the middle of a 35 mile week.  My last long run before the marathon is 15 miles this Saturday.  The marathon is December 3!!!  I cannot believe that I have (almost) survived marathon training, again.  And it will be a long time, if ever, that I train for another one!

I hope to catch up on my blogging over the next few days....Holiday Hints, pictures of our Christmas decorations, Thanksgiving fun, and more!


  1. I love the picture in your blog header, too. So cute!

    Way to go on your marathon training! If I get out for a couple of miles, it's been a good day. I'm a little overwhelmed right now and hoping to make some changes in our school that will help streamline things for me (my constant challenge).

    Glad you're back : ).


  2. Beautiful tree, beautiful family!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    Much love,
    The Georges

  4. Hello Roan! I love this time of year - and especially live Christmas trees - nothing beats the good smell! I really like your place and you came to mind today for this: you have won the Sunshine Award for your exceptional blog. I just love your blog! Now go and find out what you have to do to accept your award! http://robinlynnsroad.blogspot.com/2011/11/sunshine-award-isnt-this-pretty.html
    Blessings of the season!