Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Love Reading to My Kids!

I do.

I know that when I am old and am looking back at the times when all five of my children still lived here at home, one of my favorite memories is going to be of me sitting in the rocking chair or on the couch with all five of them in the room listening to me read.  The girls are usually knitting or crocheting, the boys are sometimes sitting quietly wrapped up in a afghan, or mostly building with tinker toys or legos, or rolling around on the floor.  Sam likes to stand on his head on the couch.  And even our little crippled dog Joy likes to hear me read. She will bark until we put her up on the couch (she can't jump up there by herself).  Today Sam interrupted my reading to say, "Joy likes school".

Today I was reading from Carry On Mr. Bowditch, which is a book for Clay's school.  As always, when we are reading a a really good book like this one, one by one all of the children wander into the den.  They all want to listen.  And today, I just looked around and took it all in.

Making precious memories.


  1. We're reading the same book. When I said that we would finish it this week my daughter said, "ug. I hate read-alouds (what????) because they are always so good and then they're over!" ( oh..whew!) :)

  2. We love read alouds as well.

  3. I have fond memories of reading together. Good stuff!


  4. That was one of our favorite books last year! What a great message about the privilege of education!

    I love reading aloud to my kids, too, but am struggling with two cores this year. Not sure if we'll stick with this next year or what other option we may have.


  5. I totally agree, There is nothing sweeter than the time snuggled together reading a great book.