Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holiday Hint #4

Photo Credit:  Microsoft Office Free Clipart
Time to begin thinking about holiday baking!  With Thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas soon to follow, it's time to dust off your holiday recipes.  I like to make a list of what I am cooking for both of our Thanksgiving celebrations, refreshments for various Christmas parties I am hosting, baked goods that will be gifts, and my menus and contributions for the Simmons Christmas dinner, the Johnson Christmas dinner, and our Christmas Eve and Day meals.

Then I make my list of ingredients.

This time of year the grocery stores begin placing holiday type foods on sale.  This is the time to stock up on brown and powdered sugar, chocolate bark, chex cereal, nuts, and the many other items you will need for your holiday baking.  If you go ahead and make your list, you can buy the quantities of each item you need as your local grocery store puts it on sale.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Doing some baking myself this afternoon for a bake sale for my son's school. Hope you do well with your baking!

  2. Even though I haven't done even ONE of your wonderful ideas...I do enjoy reading them. I am still thinking about our Christmas picture and planning what we will wear. Cards, gift lists and now a baking list (which is such a great idea!! Why did I never think of it before?) will come soon. Thank you for gently easing me into being prepared. I really do love it!