Monday, February 28, 2011


Hello, blog readers!

I am not sure why I have not found the time to blog or read blogs for the last few weeks. It seems like life has gotten much busier around here, but I can't exactly put my finger on why. It could be that I have two big time consumers going on.....the 90 day Bible reading and the marathon training....or it could be my new hobby of searching out and preparing healthy, low calorie meals and snacks for my family and me.....I really am not sure, but I seem to have less computer time recently.

I still think about my blog and all of the blogs that I love to read!

Here is a little bit of what has been going on here at the Johnson household.

  • I ran 44 miles last week, and I set two personal records: the longest run so far (19 miles) and the most miles logged in one week. Lynn and I will break both of those records this week since we have 45 total miles this week, and our long run is 20. I have surprised myself during this marathon training. My running pace has slowed down considerably. Before I began my marathon training, I envisioned myself as being able to run a 10 minute pace during my long, long runs. Prior to mid January, I considered that a comfortable, slower pace. Now that I am 8 weeks into the marathon training, I have found myself getting slower and slower every week, even on my shorter runs of 5-6 miles. Running the distance has definitely slowed me down. We average 10:40 or so on our super long runs, and I now run a 10:20 pace on my treadmill for the shorter and medium (8-10 mile) runs. But running at a slower pace is ok for me! It has allowed me to complete the miles without any major injury, and for the most part, all of the runs have been enjoyable. Lynn and I talk the entire time we do our long runs--our therapy sessions! Another surprise I have found during this training is that I am no longer sore after long runs. It's really strange. I may be stiff, and my knees sometimes are sore after I sit for a while, but I rarely have that overall body aching, and my legs don't throb when I get in bed at night. Normally when I ran hard or long, I would be miserable! I guess slowing down the pace and/or my body acclimating to the long miles has prevented the soreness.
  • Jimmy and the three older children ran a 5K (the children) and a 10K (Jimmy) last Saturday in Memphis. I took lots of pictures, and I will blog about the day soon. It was a fun race to watch!
  • We finally visited Megan and Russ in their new home.
  • I helped Julie sew for one hour last week, and since Jimmy has two days off this week, I plan to have two more sewing sessions with her. She is making Olivia's birthday present, and it is going to be so cute!
  • I got my hair cut chin length! All of my family and friends and family seem to really like it, and I do too! I am not sure if we made any pictures of me Saturday.....if I find some I will post them when I blog about the race.
We have another packed week, but I hope to carve out more computer time.
Enjoy your week!

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  1. You have been busy!
    (Please post some of your favorite low cal recipes when you have time.)
    Wow, 44 miles in a week. Amazing! I am just starting to add a few minutes of running when I walk on the treadmill and I think I am tired when I get off!
    Have a super week!