Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fun With Leah

First of all--WE HAVE SNOW AGAIN!

This is the most snow that our neck of the woods has had in one winter! I actually went to Kroger this afternoon, and I could not find a parking place. After circling around a couple of times, I finally got a place! Inside the store was not much better. I wasn't stocking up because of the snow (like I guess most people were), I was just doing my weekly grocery shopping.

Anyway, Leah has had a fun week. Monday, I took her to our monthly Keepers At Home Meeting. Now that Olivia and Julie are older, only Leah and I attend Keepers. I think she really enjoys this time with just the two of us. I enjoy it too. I am having to make some new friends.....friends with ladies who have children Leah's and Sam's ages. I sometimes feel old around these ladies, since most of them do not have teenagers like I do.

The activity was beading. The girls strung beads to make beautiful necklaces.

Leah, Avery, and Lilly Grace, making their necklaces

the finished product

Today, Olivia and Julie did this fun activity with Leah while I was out running errands. I got the idea from a post at The Homeschool Classroom earlier this week.

Floating Hearts

Cute, cute! and now our house looks like Valentine's Day!


  1. I know that feeling of having kids at the high school level, and then the little ones too! :)

    Thankfully, we actually have quite a few friends in our church group and homeschool group that have kids of both ages too...they just have a couple of additional little ones that fill the age gap! Sweet Carson is 9 years younger than Christian! :)

  2. I had the same experience yesterday at the grocery store and my husband had the same experience last week. Maybe we should just change our Tuesday day to a different day. BTW- it was also because of snow. Today, the town was shut down because of the blowing snow and that is rare for it to be completely shut down. Good thing I went shopping yesterday.

  3. I can so relate to having older and younger ones.

    I am wanting to start a Keepers meeting for Hope. Do you meet once a month, where do you meet at someone's home, basically how are things done? I have looked at the book but really haven't spent enough time to fully understand the different ways to do it.

    Sorry about all the questions!