Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow Day

Thursday morning we woke up to a frozen driveway and a few inches of snow! The last time our area had a big snow we were still at Disney World, so this was our first time this season to wake up early and enjoy the snow. Snowfall records have been set here in Mississippi this winter. It really is strange having so much snow.

Wednesday the weather forecasts predicted snow and ice overnight, so Jimmy went to his parents' house and picked up his childhood sled. He also bought a couple of new plastic ones for the children to use. We were prepared! The snow began falling around noon Wednesday, and driving conditions rapidly deteriorated. Thursday morning, area schools and businesses were closed due to the icy roads, and Jimmy's clinic closed too. We truly had a snow day!

So everyone bundled up in their warmest clothes, hats, coats, and gloves (no pajamas and crocs for my children today---it was COLD), and the fun began!

Clay, Sam, and Jimmy posing with their sleds.

Yes, that is our CHRISTMAS TREE behind them. It is still on our patio. Occasionally, the wind blows it over, and one of us will stand it back up. Doesn't it look so pretty, flocked with snow?

This was my both my children's and my first experience with sledding. What fun! Our frozen driveway was perfect for Jimmy's old sled. The new sleds worked well for sailing down the snow covered hills.

Julie and Jimmy, getting ready to sled down the driveway


Sam tackled the small hills--over and over again.

Here comes Julie!

Julie--cold, but having lots of fun

Here comes Clay!

Julie and Me
I was brave and took a turn sledding down the driveway. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. We have a sharp turn in the driveway, and I didn't crash into the snow!

Julie, Ashley (a friend), and Olivia

Sam, taking his sled up for another ride

Julie and Clay, giving me sledding pointers before my turn

Here I go!

Jimmy and the children...minus Olivia

Leah and Jimmy

There's Olivia--they all look cold!

Leah with her sled

Olivia had fun sledding too!

I left Jimmy and the children to enjoy the snow while I prepared a hot breakfast of pancakes and hot chocolate. Everyone eventually came inside to thaw out and fuel up. Then we enjoyed a leisurely day of a little bit of schoolwork, a little bit of laundry, a little bit of housework, and a little bit of game playing. After lunch we made Valentines and I made red cinnamon scented play doh for the children. The ice mostly melted by mid afternoon, so Jimmy went on the hospital for a little while.

It was a fun snow day!


  1. Reagan has enjoyed our very rare snows the last couple of years...almost to the point of expecting it to snow every year. Kendal and Whitney have had to explain to her this year that snow is indeed a rarity in Southern Mississippi and even though Papa and Memaw have snow in Starkville and Oxford, that doesn't mean we are going to get it :(
    They've had a couple days off school but it's been ice related...absolutely no snow. Your pictures are gorgeous...I might not be so ready for Spring if we'd had some of that white stuff around here ;)

  2. It has been fun to have a snowy winter this year! It's great that you all can do your sledding right there at your own house! Love the pictures!

  3. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us. It looks like everyone had lots of fun. Where were you able to find the sleds in Mississippi if it does not usually snow? We, in Texas (my new home) also got some snow this week (although not as much as upstate NY has received this winter).