Thursday, February 17, 2011


Last Saturday Jimmy, Olivia, Julie, and Clay ran a very muddy 5K race. The recent snow had melted, and since this race was a total cross country course, it was a muddy mess. Leah, Sam, and I even got muddy shoes, and all we did was watch!

Running in mud makes for a slow time, and the neither the children nor Jimmy set any records. They all agreed that it was a tough run. In fact, the most of the adults that ran this race stated that this was the toughest 5K they had ever run. I am so glad that I was a spectator!

some of the Spartans before the race

Sam and Jared, hanging out in the bleachers
The finish line was on the football field.

Carson and Clay before the race....they are still clean.

Avery and Leah

The runners at the starting line. This was probably the only part of the course that wasn't ankle deep in mud....and it was still muddy even though it looks green.

Around mile 2

Martha and Julie after the race.

Julie ran out of her shoes before mile 1! She said the mud just sucked them off. However since her shoes weighed about 5 pounds caked with mud, she actually ran better in her sock feet. She completed the race in socks. The last part of the race was on gravel, so she did ruin her socks--they were full of holes!
After the race she went back and found her shoes.

Muddy Olivia

Muddy Clay

a close-up of that mud

even closer

Jimmy hosed the shoes off outside, then I washed them in the washer, and they all came clean!

Here are all of the Spartan race winners. Coach Heather won overall female!

one more picture of muddy feet


  1. Wow that WAS a messy race! Did your car survive the trip home without needing a big cleaning afterwards?!? :)

  2. I see why you called that a mud race. It still looks like your children had some enthusiam, even with losing shoes and getting all muddy.